Brief search hints

Suggerimento When necessary, it is advisable to use the ? character to mask parts of a word (for example, bank? will retrieve bank, banks, banking, banker, bankers, etc.; ? ology will retrieve anthropology, archaeology, psychology, etc. ). This character can also be used to identify variant spellings (for example, lab?r will find both the US and UK spellings of labor and labour respectively); but should NEVER be used if the "Adjacent words" option is activated or twice in any one word.

Suggerimento Words entered in lowercase will also find words containing capital letters and vice versa (for example, economy will retrieve both economy, Economy and ECONOMY).

Suggerimento Entering characters with accents will retrieve the corresponding unaccented characters and vice versa.

Suggerimento By activating the "Adjacent words" option the terms will be searched for in the exact order in which they were entered (for example, by typing monetary policy the system will retrieve only the records that contain the word policy beside the word monetary). Note that when this option is active, you must NEVER use the truncation character ?

Suggerimento You can insert the following logical operators in a search string: AND, OR and NOT. For example, by entering (bank? OR credit?) AND risk? the system will retrieve all the records that contain the words with the stem bank? or credit? and the words that have the stem risk?. Unless otherwise specified, search terms are automatically linked by the implicit operator AND.

Suggerimento By entering compound words without spaces and hyphens, words separated by a hyphen will also be retrieved and vice versa (for example socioeconom? will also find socio-econom? and vice versa but NOTsocio econom?). Therefore only the search string: socioeconom? OR (socio AND econom? ) will enable all the possible variants to be recovered.

Suggerimento Do not insert punctuation marks in the search string. In particular, initials, acronyms or abbreviations should be entered without full stops (for example BCE will retrieve not only BCE but also B.C.E. ).